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Unlock The Secret "Cheat Code" We Use To Create A Flood Of Highly Qualified Leads!
This Copy And Paste Process Generates Surge Of Social Proof To Drastically Increase New Leads And Sales In Seven Days Or Less!
If You Could Use Highly Qualified Home Service Leads Begging To Work With You, Read This Entire Page. Because We Are Going To Show You A Simple Yet Powerful Way To Get New Clients Lightning Fast, With An Offer That Makes Your Agency Irresistible To Business Owners With A Simple Copy And Paste Process, That Will Have You Locking In $300 - $700 MONTHLY Recurring Clients...
After Teaching and Coaching Over 10,000 Digital Entrepreneurs, Wanna know The #1 Thing Most Agencies Struggle With?
They Simply Don't Know Where To Start!
It's sad to know that most agencies fail is because they are unsure of themselves and don't know what to say to start a conversation.

They get caught in a belief they need to say the right thing, or don't know how to find business owners eager to give them a chance.

When In fact, most business owners are dying to work with someone that is willing to reach out and prove their value.

Meaning, that even the most green and brand new local marketer can swoop on and make sales fast.

And to be frank, most product creators are unknowingly and in some sad cases actually setting you up to FAIL!

They create and sell you half baked "concepts" in order to sell you something.

Most couldn't muster a handful of clients, or even have a real agency themself, they profit from selling you concepts.

The reality is that most successful agencies focus on simple sales funnels that can be repeated and scaled.

They don't jump from system to or chase the NEXT BIG THING, they stay true to the basics that work to fill their funnel daily.

What if I told you there was a proven, easy way, a faster way to predictably find, contact, and close monthly recurring deals...

Deals that paid you more upfront and on a monthly basis than you've ever had happen before?

You'd probably jump all over it!

Deals so simple to demonstrate and sell to eager business owners that it helped grow and scale my Agency for the past 2 years.

In fact, our system is SO POWERFUL some days our team can't handle the number of NEW LEADS coming in. 

Let me be frank, that's a rare and very good problem to have.

And once you unlock the power of our copy / paste system you'll be able to see explosive growth for your agency as well.

Customer Comments & Testimonials

How Hard Would It Be To Give Away Something
Of Value To A Business Owner For Free?

Our Simple Local Profits Strategy Flips The Traditional Sales Funnel On It's Head
And Has Been PROVEN To Close Deals Without The Need For Hype:
NO cold calling or outreach to unqualified leads
NO sales pitch deck or in person meetings
NO salaried employees (unless you want them)
NO hard to understand or difficult to sell offers
NO physical product to buy, manage, or ship
NO time consuming work disruptive to your daily life
NO difficult or time consuming learning curve
NO need to leave your ever home or meet in person
NO costly direct mailing or cold email campaigns
NO here today, gone tomorrow hyped up strategies
NO steep learning curve to understand to get started
…And NONE of the other hype "concepts" you’ve probably already failed with...because they aren't proven
Before We Go Any Further, Allow Me To Introduce Myself...
Meet Your Instructor:  Jeff "Herschy" Schwerdt

I’m a former F-16 Instructor Pilot turned entrepreneur after experiencing a career ending back injury in 2007. I started working online in 2007 and created my first digital agency in 2008 working with local business owners.

I’m a husband, father, international speaker, author, and the creator / co-founder of several products, software platforms, and tools designed to help internet marketers, local business owners, and digital service agencies.

Using my military instructor pilot background, I focus mainly on developing proven and repeatable systems that use easy to follow step by step processes to ensure we consistently bring in new clients using the power of automation.

I've built and exited 2 companies for over 7 figures in the digital agency space leveraging these systems and model.

Together My Team And I Are Eager To Help Grow Your Agency Fast...

You see, no fighter pilot ever flies without their wing-man, so my team and I will be by your side through this journey.

Together we will introduce you to a much more effective and ZERO COST way of generating leads online. 

One that is PROVEN and BACKED with over 2 YEARS of PROOF and EXPERIENCE!

In-fact, to record your specific training we went OVER THE SHOULDER to show you REAL WORLD accounts and results.

Allowing you to cut the line and skip to the front to seeing your first, fifth, or fiftieth client.

Most importantly, feel good again, and have confidence in your outreach, offer, close, and fulfillment.

Finally freeing  you from being a victim of the "Blank White Screen" as you'll be busy replying to new leads ASKING for help...

And truly knowing and feeling that you can grow while making a difference for your clients - no more hope marketing!

No more searching for what you hope will work giving you the one thing you've been lacking:


We've built a PROVEN funnel with nearly 2 dozen leads per day so you'll instantly gain insight and the confidence knowing that your funnels, offer, scripts for new clients and fulfillment is backed by a complete and proven strategy.
So what's does Simple Local Profits Offer?
Clarity On Exactly What To Offer?  YES!
The Targeting And Copy You Can Swipe?  YES!
A Battle Tested And Proven Offer ?  YES!
Over The Shoulder Examples And Demos?  YES!
The Exact Steps To Setup And Fulfill?  YES!
Don't get us wrong, there are plenty of great Lead Gen strategies...


A TRULY GREAT OFFER is one that can stand the test of time, spans hundreds of clients, and is tied to the lifeblood of a business.
See, By Offering Lead Generation Services You Can Build A Stable Income Like This.

Stable. Recurring. Income.

This image demonstrates stability in your business and how it can be life changing when you have an OFFER that is likely to keep your local business clients paying you month after month because they need your service. You become an asset!

And its the real secret to creating freedom in your life using a strategy we call...

"The Three Pillars Of Success"

With these Three Powerful Pillars Of Success, You'll simply copy and paste our proven model
to build your own highly profitable lifestyle agency.
Pillar Of Success #1: TARGETED OUTREACH - No Offer Can be Made Until You Clearly Identify And Contact Your Qualified Leads
Pillar Of Success #2: A HIGH VALUE OFFER - Convert Your Leads Fast With An Easy To Understand Proven Results Offer
Pillar Of Success #3: ​QUICK ROI AND RESULTS - Lock In And Keep Clients Happily Paying You On A Monthly Basis
With Simple Local Profits, you're adding a revenue source that creates stability in your Agency and

Locks In Clients For Months Or Years!

And Because YOU Are Directly Tied To Their Revenue
It Opens The Door To Higher End Upsells


Luckily for you it's 'paint by numbers' easy!
Having run a six figure digital agency, several newbie focused trainings, high power masterminds, live events, and coaching programs, both my team and I have been able to pull from our REAL WORLD experience.

And with that experience put together the perfect training to jump start your agency and eliminate all the fodder you don't.

I'm known as a straight shooter, so I'm going to get real with you for a moment.

First off, this works...just look at the Agency numbers we posted above, and you will have the chance to experience that in the course.

I know it sounds HYPED UP, but if you can COPY and PASTE you will generate fast as today for some folks!

However, if you think you can just buy the course, watch a few videos, and magically line your pockets, you're screwed...

And I would never promise you that, and I will remind you multiple times in this training.

While the concept is simple and it works , YOU have to hit the buttons on the keyboard.

I have built my companies through long hours, and over time built a lifestyle that allows me and my family to do the things we love.

In fact, just last week we moved to Cabo San Lucas full time, and are building a brand new home on a beach / golf resort.

So if you're ready to join us, we're about to hand you the keys to a process that will help build the Agency of Your Dreams.

Luckily, my team has helped me to achieve that dream... and I want to invite you along for the ride with us.

As I've mentioned earlier, we've trained thousands of digital agencies, and have racked up hundreds of success stories.

And I've compiled a small montage of what a few of our more recent students have had to say about us and our trainings.

Here's Everything You're Getting Inside The

Simple Local Profits Package...

Module 1:

Overview Of The Process

The Big Picture Overview And Why's
Proven Lead Funnel That's Easy To Copy
The Perfect Foot In The Door Offer
Over Shoulder Demo And Proof It Works
Module 2:

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Proven Lead Generation Roadmap
Keeping Under The Radar
Balancing Content Vs Conversions
Keys To Identifying High Quality Prospects
Over The Shoulder Prospecting Demos
Module 3:

Easy Bake Outreach

Battle Tested Outreach Strategy
How To Get A Positive Response
Proven Outreach Scripting You Can Use
Over Shoulder Outreach / Best Practices
Module 4:

Closing Deals Like A Boss

Proven Lead Qualification Scripts We Use
Top Secret Lead Conversion Tricks
Step By Step Offer Walk-through Guide
Pitfalls and Mistakes To Avoid
Module 5:

Follow Ups and Fulfillment

Risk Reversal And Proof Of Concept Techniques
Over The Shoulder Step By Step Guidance
How To Leverage Our Two Call Close Process
Detailed Walk-through Of Onboarding Accounts
Module 6:

Fast Action Bonus Trainings

Providing High Value / Low Effort Services
Our Irresistible "Big Blue" Hook
Marketing Kit Setup and Upsell Offers
The Instant Results M.E.R.P. Strategy
But We're Not Just Going To Teach You What Works...

We'll Hand You All The Resources

With This Battle Tested Process You Can "Copy And Paste" Your Way To New Leads, Clients, & Deals In The Next Week
Quickly leverage what we've already designed and built using our Proven Strategies that fuel our digital agencies to five figure a month revenue streams.
Simple Local Profits allows you to quickly understand and implement the Three Pillars Of Success, so you copy and paste your way to recurring revenue clients.
100% Proven Business Model With A 2 Year Track History
Easy To Understand Offer That Provides Leads Quickly
Simple Outreach Strategy To Fill And Refresh Prospects
No More Embarrassingly Chasing The "Next Big Thing"
Simple To Follow Video Trainings To Learn Quickly
Ability To Tee Up Additional Revenue Booting Offers
ZERO Cost Lead Generation For Your Own Agency
Never Worry About Next Month's Revenue Again!
If you dreamed of the PERFECT digital agency model, this is what you would be dreaming of...

And that's why our students see the value in this training. It truly does get your lead ads agency off the ground fast!
We Are Literally Handing You Our Proven Agency Model With Years Of Success And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Sold In Services Every Year

If You Answer "YES" To Any Of The Questions Below, YOU NEED SIMPLE LOCAL PROFITS, Now!

Are you tired of chasing shiny objects that sound cool but are way over the business owner's head and difficult to explain or sell because you don't truly understand what you're selling?
Are you tired of buying courses that promise to teach you something that's proven, only to quickly figure out you've been sold a concept that's got no proven track record? 
Do you want a proven agency model you can simply copy in almost any niche that gives YOU the POWER to decide how many clients you take on to scale up as big as you want to?
If That's You...They Click The Button And Get Started Now!
Note: If you have an existing membership account, please use the same email address when
checking out so the course will be automatically added to your current member area.
Let's Make Your Agency's Monthly Income Report Look Like This!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work if I am a brand new agency/beginner and have no clients?
Yes! In fact you may be at an advantage because you lack distractions and can follow our paint by numbers system to a tee. 

All of our trainings assume you are just starting out and we make them easy to follow.
Does this work in my country?
Absolutely! We have and teach students in dozens of countries. While we are both currently in the United States, I just moved to Cabo San Lucas and am taking my book of business with me. All you need is an internet connection. Plus our methods and trainings are not limited to US only locations. It can work anywhere.
Do I have to meet people in person or talk to someone to close deals?
You're Safe! If you don't like meetings or sales presentations, or perhaps to meet people in person, don't worry. We got you! You can find, contact, and close deals without meeting someone. While we have ways to leverage a zoom or meeting to improve your close rates, they are not required to make this work.
Will I need to spend money to get clients?
No not at all. To get started you DO NOT need to spend a dime on advertising. We have a slick method to identify and reach out to your first few clients that will not require any out of pocket costs.
Will I need to hire a VA or staff to make this work?
This can all be done with just one person, YOU! However in our agencies do have staff and replaced ourselves out of the businesses we own, so if you do choose to build a team ( when it is time) we have the experience to help make that transition. 
What types of businesses will I be targeting?
There's a specific set of business groups that we will recommend in the course. You are not forced to serve only those, our process will work for MOST businesses, we just know who they are working well with for us at the moment.
How can get access to the members area and bonus calls?
Once your purchase is completed the software will kick out a username and password and ensure you have access to the members area. If you run into any issue simple email my support team at Support [@]  You’ll be able to access the main course immediately and anytime you want, from any internet-enabled device. Plus you will be invited to any bonus or advanced calls you qualified for, based on your purchase.
If this is so powerful then why sell it on W+ for such a deal?
As a former instructor pilot I am aiming to help the most passionate digital agencies get a head start. And as a veteran owned company we like to give back, and by doing so can introduce you to the opportunity for you to succeed as a new agency.

To do that we need to tap into  a market that has that type of reach. If you look below you will see that we sell mid and high ticket products all year round, and marketing this product introduces you to us so we can build our relationship through joint success.
It's Time To Build Some Consistency Into Your Agency

Our 100% NO Risk Guarantee

There's NO RISK to you when you join the Simple Local Profits.

We're going to provide everything you need and based on our normal offer pricing this offer is more than fair, however we understand that we may not know each other that well just yet so we're going to do something special...

We Are Taking On ALL The Risk!

When you join the Simple Local Profits trainings ahead of the public you will have the security of knowing we back our product, but if for any reason you feel it is not for you, we will part ways as friends.
Note: If you have an existing membership account, please use the same email address when
checking out so the course will be automatically added to your current member area.
So What Are You Waiting For?
Click on the button on this page and let's build up your digital agency from scratch using our time tested and proven model that will help you smash through any barriers to getting leads, closing clients, and fulfillment.

I've seen it all, have a decade of experience as local marketer and am offering you a copy / paste chance to accelerate your success.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow your digital agency along side a grizzled veteran in the industry. I look forward to being a part of that journey with you as a fellow agency owner and hearing your success story.

There honestly is nothing more satisfying than seeing an email, post, or text message from a student that is excited about a recent sale, breakthrough, or has reached their income goals, and I can't wait to hear your personal success story!

To Your Success!

- Jeff Herschy

P.S. Look if you're looking for some flash in the pan sexy strategy that will work today but falter next month, then you're in the wrong place. I've built a solid and consistent monthly income using exactly what you are going to learn in this training.

P.P.S. By now you know what the right decision is here. If you're still reading this, what are you you waiting for? Go for it! There's a 30 day money back guarantee, I accept all the risk. Plus you have the opportunity right now to build a stable reliable monthly recurring income that is really nice to wake up to at the beginning of each month. It's nice to know all bills are covered and I want that for you.